adidas x Shazam

Euro Cup Marketing campaign



adidas Canada was looking for a unique way to grow their email database and bring their Euro Cup campaign to life in both their ecommerce + retail stores across Canada on a tight timeline. Thinking on our feet, the team quickly came up with the idea to use a new-to-market visual recognition technology (Shazam) to trigger a contest using customers mobile devices as the medium.

The goal was to get users to a custom landing page within Shazam that hosted an adidas branded contest by having them “visual shazam” one of the many in-store/online pieces of creative to get access for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at This was a true omni-channel experience for adidas and the customer.



The results were immediate and well received by the adidas customers. Including over 2.1 million banner ad impressions with high click-through rates within the app, 17,000 visits to contest landing page + a large increase in email captures that were added to the adidas CRM database. 


How did it worked?

Step 1. Customers opened the Shazam app on their phone.

Fun fact: approx. 1/2 of  the Canadian population has Shazam installed on their smartphone which made it the perfect tool and vehicle to use for our demographic. 

Step 2. Customers used their smartphone to "visually shazamed" in-store/online World Cup creative.

Step 3. A custom in-app contest landing page was triggered where the user could pick which adidas team they thought would win the World Cup final + be entered in for a $1,000 shopping spree online. 


In-app Banner Ads

Strategically placed & targeted banner ads within the Shazam app helped grow the contest awareness. 


Omni-channel execution

A full 360 approach kept this countrywide contest top of mind for the adidas consumer.

Shazam-enabled creative was marketed at all online + retail touchpoints. Digitally on the adidas website & CRM emails. In-store on retail posters, shopping bags, staff lanyards, hang tags, Euro Cup merchandise and purchase receipts.